Washington Private Land Guided hunting (15,000 + Private acres)

GUIDED HUNTS: Our hunts are all conducted on private land in the Spokane WA area. We have numerous tracks of land to hunt with opportunities at the game we are after. We do not hunt on public land, keeping the competition down and our success rates up. Our locations have provided numerous quality animals over the years. We will also take your harvest to the local processor if you choose, where you will be responsible for all butchering costs including shipping if need be. There is also a local taxidermist who for a small fee can cape your trophy and prepare it to be shipped or returned back to you. All prices are PER PERSON.



  • All hunting is on Private Lands
  • Hunting skills and knowledge are needed for optimum success.
  • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the regulations and rules for whatever weapon you are hunting. It is your responsibility to have the proper license and tags.
  • We provide all transportation during the day once we meet up
  • All big game guided hunts include accommodations and food.
  • Turkey hunts do not include lodging and food but can be arranged for additional price.
  • The hunt will conclude when the animal you are after is harvested (no matter what day into hunt)
  • Our hunting hours are approximately sun up to sun down (we do not hunt turkeys off their roost)
  • We have decoys, calls, blinds, etc.  You may bring your own gear but we know our job.
  • We do not provide tags, licenses, or taxidermy work.  Your license and tags must be on your person at all times, and you are responsible for purchasing them before the hunt begins.


OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: These hunts will all be conducted on private lands. We do not guarantee our hunts. We cannot control the weather, the animals, the rut, or any other thing Mother Nature can do to change our conditions. We do promise that our property and bordering lands do hold the animals you are after. Our continued client success and business relies on us making sure you have a good experience and opportunities at the animals you are after. We are 100% Fair Chase!

    • All prices are per person and subject to change without notice.
    • Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future hunt date if needed. 50% down, and 50% due 120 days prior to hunt date. Hunts not paid within 119 days of hunt will be cancelled and no refund.
    • Additional days may possibly be added depending on availability.


  • Hunts booked after May 1 must be paid in full



Washington State License and Tag Fees: (Prices are Approx.)

                                Residents        Non Residents

License: Deer / Elk combo                    $ 84.50        $ 739.00

Elk tag includes lic                        $ 50.40        $ 497.00

Deer tag includes lic                              $ 44.90        $ 434.30

Bear tag:                            $ 24.00        $ 222.00

Moose:                            $ 332.00        $ 1652.00

Turkey: Must by small game or big game l            $ 15.90        $ 120.00  3 day incl. lic.

If you choose to pay for your hunt with a Credit Card, there is a 3% Charge to the cost of your hunt.



(509) 499-4861