Oregon 10,000 Plus acres of Private Land Guided & Semi-guided

Oregon 10,000 Plus acres of Private Land Guided Semi-guided

GUIDED HUNTS: On our 10,000+ private acres in the beautiful Blue Mountains out of LaGrande, OR. The property is just south of LaGrande . The property is mountain timber, sagebrush flats and agricultural oat, barley, and alfalfa fields. Guided hunts we provide lodging, meals, transportation on the ranch, cleaning and quartering of your harvest. We will also take your harvest to the local processor in LaGrande where you will be responsible for all butchering costs including shipping if need be. There is also a local taxidermist who for a fee can cape your trophy and prepare it to be shipped or returned back to you. All prices are PER PERSON. Semi-Guided hunts we do not provide food or lodging. We do help you on the ranch and direct you where the animals will be.


The elk hunts are mostly sitting blinds, tree stands, spot and stalk and calling depending on area the elk are using. We know the land very well and it is our job to put you in front of ELK. Trust us to do our job as we put a lot of time and energy into glassing, scouting, trail cameras and studying their habits. We want you to be successful with your elk hunt and will do everything we can to make that happen. You can expect to see ranges from 250-310+. These are the caliber of elk we would like you to harvest. Our average good elk is going to be 250-310+. We do not trophy hunt. If your only goal is a 320 plus bull, please do not book a hunt with us, unless you are prepared to go home empty handed.

Season: August 27 – September 25 (OVER THE COUNTER TAG) 5 nights / 6 day
Guided 2 x 1: $5,000.00 pp Guided 1 x 1 :$5,750.00 pp
Unguided : DIY (Do It Yourself) $3,000.00 per person

Season: Oct 26-30 or Nov 5-13 th (DRAW HUNT) Guided only 5 nights / 5 day
Price: 2 x 1 $5,500.00 1 on 1 $6,250.00

Premium Elk Hunt:

This hunt is available to the first 2 clients on a first-come first-served basis. This is a guaranteed draw hunt under our LOP tags. Guaranteed to hunt. $6,900 per person


COW ELK HUNTS: (tags vary for the hunt)
Season: August 1 – January 31, 2018 Any weapon COW ELK hunt (special tags). 3 nights / 4 days
Semi Guided: $1,500 pp Guided: $2,250 pp



Our whitetail deer hunts are mostly sitting blinds, stands, sitting strategic locations, and some spot and stalk. The bucks you can expect to see will range from 110”-150”+. These are the caliber of bucks we would like harvested. We do not trophy hunt. If you are only after a 160-class buck, please do not book with us.


Archery Season: August 27 th – Sept 25 h 5 nights / 6 days Guided $3,250.00 pp
Rifle Season: Oct 1 st – Oct 12 th 4 nights / 5 days Guided $4,250.00 pp
Muzzleloader: Nov 15- Dec 1. (UNK) 4 nights / 5 days Guided $3,750.00 pp


(Any weapon)

Season: November 1 – May 15 th Any Weapon 2 nights 3 days Guided $1,450.00

Our turkey hunts are done on all private land in the North Powder area.
Season: Spring April 15 th – May 31 st UNKNOWN

1 on 1 per person fee: $350.00 per day 2 on 1 per person fee $300 a day



All hunting is on Private Land
This is not a high fence operation
This is a private land hunt where hunting skills and knowledge are needed for optimum success.
Most all phone companies will have service in 95% of our hunting areas.
The local gas station is 20 miles away. Do not come with a tank on low.
There is a butcher we use and recommend in LaGrande, 20 minutes away. All meat processing is your responsibility.
Taxidermy can be handled in the town of LaGrande or Baker as we work with a few different options.
We can help assist you in this, but this is your responsibility and you will have to make all deposits or pay for capeing and skull capping if needed.
 The local town is very small with one little store, one little hotel and NO gas station. Very limited supplies.
Nearest small/big town is LaGrande or Baker each about 20 minutes away in opposite directions.


OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: These hunts will all be conducted on all private lands with access to public land. If you book a guided hunt it will be 100% on private land, as we do not guide off the property. We do not guarantee our hunts. We cannot control the weather, the animals, the rut, or any other thing Mother Nature can do to change our conditions. We do promise that our property and bordering lands hold the animals you are after. Our continued client success and business relies on us making sure you have a good experience and opportunities at the animals you are after. We are 100% Fair Chase!


All prices are per person and subject to change without notice.
Hunters arrive at 4 PM on the day of their hunt, and depart by 11:00 AM the morning of their last day. Unless otherwise arranged.
Deposits are non-refundable and must be paid by check or credit card (3% additional fee) . 50% down, and 50% due 120 days prior to hunt date, except PREMIUM HUNTS. Premium hunts are paid in full at time of booking. Hunts not paid within 119 days of hunt will be cancelled and no refund will be issued. In an emergency situation your hunt may be transferred to a future hunt date if needed or another party.
Hunts booked after May 1 must be paid in full (Cashiers Check ONLY, no exceptions)
Licenses, tags, and permits are not included in your price. You must purchase these prior to hunting.

Oregon State License and Tag Fees: (Prices are Approx. and always subject to change)
License: $ 161
Elk tag: $ 550
Deer tag (can be put on a bear or cougar) $ 414
Bear and Cougar tag: $ 16